Here are some apps for Android:
Here are some apps for iOS:
  • iOSVideoPlayer An ios video player which can play many kinds of media types.
  • iOSCameraEncoder A multimedia tool which can turn your iphone or ipad into a video streamer.
Here are some applications for Windows:
  • RTMPPublisher    已下载:
  • StreamViewer    已下载:
  • IPCameraManager An intelligent video surveillance system for IP cameras.
  • ABCServer A stream server which can support tcp and self protocols stream distribution.
  • Client & Server    已下载:
  • SensorGenius A sensor tool which can receive and view signals of different sensors.
  • GPSViewer A GPS tool which can do trajectory tracking and view real-time GPS info with map. It can also record moving track and replay trajectory on the map.
  • MediaEditor An audio/video editing tool which can play many kinds of media types.
Here are some applications for Linux:
  • VoiceServer A voice server which can support two or three parties chatting and multi-audiences listening.
  • StreamServer A stream server which can support RTSP/RTMP/HLS/MP4/RMVB streaming.
Here are some electronic models:
  • Odors Identification System A bionic electronic nose made in the lab.
  • Water Quality Indicator An electronic tongue made in the lab based on field effect transistor biosensor and ectrochemical sensor.
  • Environmental Factors Collector A full environmental status sensing and monitoring and warning and controlling setup.
  • Human Health Care A human health condition care setup.
  • Camera & Microphone A digital circuit module with camera and microphone integrated. High speed USB interface is supported.
  • AI An FPGA-based algorithm implementation system.
  • Box A media box for converting multimedia protocol stream and running as http media server.
  • Robot A mobile robot remote-controlled to carry out some basic tasks.
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